On-Air Training

We train your management spokesperson for any media interview.

With our highly trained staff of media relations experts and former television news reporters, OmniVance provides on-air media training for clients who are approached by the media and want to be prepared for it. We provide interview simulations with lights and cameras that puts you in the same situation as a television studio and training for the worse and tough questions and how to respond appropriately and professional.

The preparation we provide will allow your staff to represent themselves and your company in a all forms of media. Client’s learn how to carry themselves on a live radio interview and understand the technical aspects so they appear with a seasoned conversational rhythm and know what to do when dealing with an unprepared host and any surprises that are destined to arise. With our intensive television interview training courses, clients are trained on all aspects of looking and sounding good on TV. They learn how to speak with authority and are made aware of their on-camera presence. Nothing prepares our clients more than mock-interviews under tough situations in front of hot lights and a recording camera, this is where thought leaders and industry experts are born.

If you want more information please call us at 858-381-5740 or email us at info@OmniVanceAdvisors.com