Crisis Communications

There is always a plan in place for any problem.

Our media relations department is always alert with plans in place to defend your company in any crisis with systems in place. We have prepackaged responses to take care of problems that occurred in the past or already happened to a competitor. A crisis response procedure is always ready to follow in the event a new problem arises and a reaction team is contacted to handle the situation. We often include company officers such as the company safety officer, chief financial officer, corporate counsel and chief executive officer, whom would be the only person allowed to communicate the comprehensive statement to media representatives.

We are always keeping our radars on to relevant news media and maintaining communications with our media contacts as a form of external negative news early warning systems, so that we can prepare our client’s management team to provide the most appropriate response that conveys a new view on a situation. In addition, early warning channels are conducted internally by maintaining a strong communications network within our client’s company and are alerted once any internal issues before they go public.

With our highly effective contingency plans that are constantly updated and modified to adapt to our ever-changing corporate environment, we are more prepared to react events than other firms that reacts crisis’s as they occur.

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